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Payment Structure Options

Club Shop custom clothing orders can be paid for in one of four ways:

1. Member Pays

The clothing items are paid for in full by individual members at time of placing their pre-order via the online Club Shop. If minimum order quantities are not reached through member pre-orders, your club will be required to ‘top-up’ the order by purchasing the difference between pre-orders received and minimum order quantities for each clothing item style

2. Club Pays 

The Club (or team, group of mates or private business) pays for the total value of the order. 50% of the total order value is payable prior to commencement of manufacture and the remaining 50% is payable prior to dispatch.

3. Club Subsidises 

The Club (or team, group of mates or private business) can elect to pay for a percentage of each clothing item. Revolution clothing will issue the Club with an invoice for 50% of the calculated subsidy prior to manufacture and the remaining 50% prior to dispatch.

4. Club Profits

The Club (or team, group of mates or private business) can elect to generate revenue per clothing item pre-ordered by their members. The Club is to specify what percentage or dollar value is to be added onto Revolution Clothing’s quoted per clothing item prices. This total price will be the price advertised within your online shop. Revolution Clothing will provide a report within 24 hours of your Club Shop’s pre-order closure date detailing the clothing items sold, styles, quantities and total Club revenue. The Club is to issue Revolution Clothing with an invoice for this revenue which will be payable within 30 days.