Revolution Clothing Returns Policy

  • You are welcome to return any item to us within thirty days of receiving it from Revolution Clothing subject to the Revolution Clothing Returns Policy Conditions

  • All item(s) you return to Revolution Clothing will be reviewed and based on the results of this assessment will either be:
    • Repaired - we will repair the item(s) and send them back to you
    • Replaced - we will send you new identical replacement item(s)
    • Refunded - we will refund you for the value of those items to the original payment within 30 days of us receiving the item(s) 

Revolution Clothing Returns Policy Conditions

  • We supply you with faulty clothing item(s)
    • Faults due to misuse such as, but not limited to incorrect use or washing care, abuse or neglect, use for something other than its intended purpose, or alteration of the clothing item(s) will not be accepted
    • General wear and tear on clothing is not covered
    • Deterioration caused by material fatigue defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use is not covered
    • Returns are non transferrable  and applies to the original purchaser only 
    • If an item has developed a fault, it will need to be returned for assessment in line with the Revolution Clothing Returns Policy
  • We send you the wrong stuff, such as:
    • Incorrect design, model and or clothing type
    • Incorrect size 
    • Clothing item does not match its description

How to return items to Revolution Clothing

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click the Orders tab and find the order you wish to return
  3. Click the Return Items? link.
  4. Specify the Qty To Return, Return Reason, Return Action and you also have the option to leave a comment.
  5. After submitting the request, you  will receive a confirmation email and be provided with the following instructions

Please pack your item(s) and send to
Revolution Clothing
2/12 Totem Road
Coconut Grove
NT, 0810

6. We will assess your item(s) for return within two business days of receiving it. If the item(s) meet the Revolution Clothing Returns Policy Conditions we will email with details of the action we will take; repair, replace or refund. If in the unfortunate case your Return Request does not meet the Revolution Clothing Returns Policy Conditions, we will email you our conclusions of the assessment made on your item(s). You will have the option of collecting the item(s) from our address in Darwin, or we can ship to you at a cost of $15.00. Items will be held for a period of 90 days. Once this period has elapsed, the goods will be donated to charity.